3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Has Frozen Coils

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With air conditioning being a particularly essential need in Carrollton, TX, frozen air conditioner coils can be a major issue. Peruse on to realize what causes frozen air conditioner coils and how to address these issues.

Many of these issues can be immediately fixed by an expert of Carrollton heating and air, yet whenever left unattended, they can unleash devastation on your air conditioner. 

Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Has Frozen Coils:

  • Dusty Air Filters: 

The air channel is perhaps the most crucial part of any HVAC unit. Over the long haul, these filters get grimy, and that development can hinder air from getting in and out productively. That air is expected to warm the coils, so your coils will get excessively cold if it’s hindered.

When the coils reach frosty temperatures, your air conditioner is viably down and out. To forestall this, change your air filters regularly. In any case, a quarterly change ought to be adequate. If you’re still facing problems after repairing, then you should consider AC replacement.

  • Faulty Fans: 

Indeed, even with clean air filters, you need working fans to keep your coils adequately warm. On the off chance that a fan has a messed up or moderate engine that keeps it from running at the suitable speed, at that point, air can’t get past the A/C system.

A messed-up fan can’t get the warm air where it needs to go, regardless of whether it has a lot of room. Messy cutting edges can likewise impact productivity. Fixing a fan is somewhat harder than evolving a channel, so it’s ideal to counsel a technician. The sooner you call Lifetime Air for air conditioning repair Carrollton TXthe less possibility of costly harm to your air conditioner.

  • Blocked Pipes: 

AC units work by utilizing condensate lines, which are pipes that channel away any dampness that the system produces. If one of the lines gets obstructed and keeps the water’s overabundance from depleting appropriately, it can make the standing water freeze right back to the evaporator curl.

It’s a smart thought to check your channel pipe during the more smoking months so that if a frozen channel is an issue, it tends to be repaired rapidly. You ought to counsel an HVAC specialist in case you’re encountering this issue. 

What to Do If You Encounter Frozen AC Coils?

In case you’re encountering frozen AC coils, turn off your air conditioner. Not exclusively will this forestall further harm; however, the coils will get an opportunity to freeze up. 

Now and again, other natural issues can make coils freeze up. If the issue doesn’t return, you probably won’t require repairs. You can also schedule an air conditioning installation.

What If AC Coils Keep Freezing Up?

Try not to let frozen AC coils prevent you from appreciating the mid-year. Save a potential thousand-dollar fix by getting a confirmed expert out there to check your system and fix what has turned out badly. 

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