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Air Conditioning Installation in TX and Surrounding Areas

Are you tired of sweltering it out in the heat? After all, with your family around there are so many clothes that you can take off. We all know that the heat in Texas can become unbearable. Is that why you are finally ready to take the plunge and employ our services to help you with Air Conditioning installation in Carrollton, TX, and surrounding areas.

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement in Carrollton, TX and Surrounding Areas

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Most of our expensive calls are due to homeowners waiting too long to replace an ancient unit of air conditioning in Carrollton, TX that has seen better days. There is nothing worse than harboring an AC beyond its years. Not only due to its degraded performance. But also due to the efficiency, and health improvement of newer models.

The good news is that our technicians would be delighted to help you determine whether you need a simple repair or if an AC replacement would be the more cost-effective option for you in the long run.

Some of the common warning signs you need services for air conditioning Carrollton, TX, and surrounding areas include:
Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

  • The unit is older than 12-years of age.
  • You have called the repairman so often that you are on a first-name basis.
  • The unit is continuously striving to reach new highs with your utility bills.
  • The unit is far louder than usual despite continuous repairs to rectify the matter.
  • Problems with the thermostat
  • And more!

Everything You Need To Know When Investing In An AC Installation In Carrollton, TX

Not many homeowners realize that finding a reliable contractor is just the start of their journey when it comes to investing in an AC installation. There are a number of considerations that you will need to consider in order to get the perfect unit for your home.

The good news is that you have already won the riskiest part of the aspect- Lifetime’z Heating And Air would love to help bring comfort into your home and would be delighted to help with the installation of your brand-new air conditioning unit. In fact, our technicians will lend their insight to help you find the perfect unit for your home.

Some important considerations include:

  • The size of the unit in relation to the square footage will be responsible for cooling.
  • The energy efficiency of the unit.
  • The type of air conditioning unit that best suits your home and preferences.
  • Ductless system or a ducted system? The best option for the long run?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The good news is that our technicians would be delighted to lend their expertise to help find a perfect unit if you decide to get us in for the job. Contact Lifetimez Air for Carrollton heating and air.

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