Can I Turn Off My Furnace In The Summer?

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Summer is approaching, which means it’s time to turn off the heat and relax with open windows or refreshing air conditioning. Summer may arrive a bit later in Carrollton than in other parts of the nation, but it will come. But, before you turn your furnace off, be sure it’s the best option for your house. Here’s what experts from our Furnace Repair Carrollton TX think that you should know about turning off your furnace in the summer.

What does “Turn Off Your Furnace” mean?

When the weather warms, you may believe you’re already shutting off your furnace by switching from “hot” to “cool” settings. While this stops the furnace from operating, it does not completely turn it off. When you turn off the stove, you’re also shutting out the pilot light, which means it won’t operate at all during the summer.

Why is it a good idea to turn off the heat?

So, why should you think about turning your furnace off? The pilot light consumes gas even when the stove is turned off. Even if this amounts to a modest sum, it is nevertheless a sum that you must pay. Depending on how much you spend per unit of natural gas throughout the summer, you may save roughly $50. You’ll save energy since you won’t spend gas on a flame you don’t need. Finally, if your children unintentionally set the thermostat to “heat,” you won’t overheat your house while it’s 80 degrees outside.

Is there a cost to turning off the furnace?

To switch off your furnace, you must first turn off the pilot light. That implies you’d have to re-light the light in the winter or on a very cool summer day. That may be aggravating, mainly if the pilot light is challenging to locate, but it’s not impossible. However, you should wait to turn it off until you’re sure the warm weather will stick around since spring and early summer weather in Carrollton can be fickle.

Do you have any cold nights left?

Summer days in certain places are scorching, but the evenings are still terribly cold. If you live in this sort of environment, you may come to regret turning off the heat. After all, as the temperatures begin to drop, you’ll want your furnace to pump hot air into your house. Consider if you’re at a time of year when it’s hot all day and all night. If not, the furnace should be left on forever.

What to do If your furnaces isn’t turning off?

If you want to turn off your furnace, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the main gas feed to the furnace. Make sure you switch off the furnace’s supply, not the house’s, since you’ll need hot water in the summer.
  • Make sure that the carbon monoxide detector is working correctly.
  • Enjoy a cool summer knowing that your heater is turned off and money isn’t wasted.

It is really easy to switch off your furnace, and it will save you money. This is also an excellent time to arrange a yearly furnace check with the team from our Water heater repair Carrollton TX, to ensure that your furnace is ready when the cold weather returns. For information, just call Lifetime’z Heating & Air at 972-846-9389.


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