Heater Not Working? A Handbook to Troubleshoot It at Home

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The water heater in your home is used daily, so it’s not uncommon for difficulties to arise. In reality, you might be able to fix a problem with your water heater yourself rather than hiring a professional. We’ve made a list of common problems and solutions here.

What should you do first?

  • Ensure that the circuit breaker is not tripped and the system is on.
  • Hit the reset button on the high-temperature cutoff.
  • The problem may be resolved by resetting the circuit breaker, but if it were tripped in the first place, then it indicates an electrical problem.
  • Test the heating elements if the circuit breaker trips again.

Reasons why water doesn’t heat up

A variety of factors can cause a lack of hot water. You can go over each one by one to figure out what’s wrong with your heater –

Insufficient hot water

Maybe your water heater is too small to fulfill the household’s hot water demand. Also, hot water running out quickly indicates a faulty lower heating element. One or both heating elements may have failed if your unit is not undersized and still generating less hot water.

Loose or damaged in-line valve

A faulty in-line valve is a common source of water tank leakage. You’ll need to tighten the nut that keeps the in-line valve in place. If the problem is still unsolved, you need professional help like Water Heater Repair Carrollton, TX.

Damaged pressure relief -valve

A pressure relief valve is included in most water heaters. If the valve on top of your water heater starts to leak, we recommend replacing it. 

Low supply of hot water

Incoming cold water may be directed towards your tank if the dip tube is damaged. We recommend seeking the help of a qualified professional, such as Furnace Repair Carrollton, TX because installing a new dip tube is a complex process.

Too warm or too cold water

If the shower water temperature is too hot or too cold, you can change the settings on the thermostat. When you alter the temperature on your water heater and the problem isn’t solved, it indicates that the thermostat is broken and required replacing. 

Low water pressure

The diameter of your water lines will shrink when magnesium and calcium begin to deposit in your pipes. So, the warm water from your water heater will not reach sinks or appliances correctly. Replacing water pipes requires the removal of drywall. An average homeowner without a plumbing license can’t do it and should take professional help like Water Heater Repair Carrollton, TX.

It takes a long-time to heat water

Once your water tank is empty, it should only take a few minutes to refill it with warm water. If it is taking longer, you may have a contaminated burner orifice. It can be remedied by boosting the gas pressure on your water heater. Contact a licensed technician for emergency assistance.

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