How To Reset An Air Conditioning Unit?

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When you notice your AC is no longer cooling the room as it used to previously, the first thing you can do is try and reset the AC. Resetting an AC does not require extensive experience in HVAC. Instead, you just need to pay close attention to the unit and make sure you don’t notice any additional problems. You can reset your AC at home with this simple guide instead of calling a technician for air conditioning Carrollton TX.

Steps To Reset Your Air Conditioner With A Reset Button

Step 1: Find the reset button

The most obvious first step is to find the reset button on your unit. Most manufacturers use a red button for this and can be located either in the front or at the back of your unit. Or else, there’s always the unit’s manual to look at to find it as well.

 Step 2: Unplugging

Once you have found the reset button, unplug the unit from the wall after you have turned off any switches. It is recommended that you keep the unit unplugged for 15-30 seconds at the very least.

Step 3: Resetting

Once 30 seconds are complete, plug the unit again and turn on the switch. Now, continuously press the reset button until the unit turns on. If it doesn’t turn on, you can locate and flip the circuit breaker for your AC. However, this should turn on your air conditioner again.

This process cannot be followed if your unit doesn’t have a reset button.

The best option if these don’t work is to call an AC contractor Carrollton TX.

Steps To Reset Your Air Conditioner Without A Reset Button

Step 1: Turn off the main power

First, turn off the power to the indoor unit and the outdoor compressor. This is generally located near the shut-off panel on the unit. You should also turn off the power to the unit using the breaker in the circuit breaker box.

Step 2: Unplugging

Remove the plugs from the socket for both the outdoor and the indoor unit. It is recommended that you keep the units unplugged for at least 20-30 minutes.

Step 3: Resetting

Once 20 minutes are complete, plug both the units again. Check whether the unit is set to ‘cool’ before you turn the power on again. Once the unit has reset, check the thermostat for the temperature.

What About Other Methods?

If you look for DIY videos, you’ll find some videos that recommend changing parts or circuits. It is better that you don’t try these options. Not only will you be voiding the warranty of the unit, but you may also cause lasting harm. This can be harder to repair and may even require replacing the whole unit by calling for AC replacement Carrollton TX.

Who To Call?

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