Signs You Need A Water Heater Repair

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Daily activities including showers, baths, washing machines, and dishwashers all require hot water provided by water heaters. These HVAC units need to be maintained and repaired regularly to work efficiently. Before your water heater fails, you will notice signs of wear and tear.

Signs Your Water Heater Needs Service.

  • Leaking

The expansion of metal caused by heat can result in a break over time. The consequences of failing to remedy a leak are numerous. Water heaters can damage carpets and other floorings. Mud has likely accumulated at the bottom of the heater, causing the internal heater to leak water. 

  • Rust

When you turn on your faucet and observe brown or rust-colored water flowing. If you notice this, your water heater may malfunction. Over time, sediment buildup damages the heater’s interior, leading to a failed water heater. The water in your faucet will turn brown as your water heater rusts. The water heater may also cause cloudy water. 

If you’re doubtful, pour water into a clear glass and observe how it looks. Also, check the water for a metallic smell. Deposits of minerals, which accumulate over time, can cause many problems. The problem most likely lies in your pipes if you find rust, even when the water is cold.

  • Lukewarm Water 

Your water heater serves only one purpose: to heat water. The heater cannot heat the water to its maximum temperature if you frequently take cold showers or lukewarm baths. There is a problem with the heating elements when the temperature drops. You could face additional costs if the element or burner causes the problem. 

In contrast, low water pressure may indicate a problem. Over time, mineral deposits from repeated use will clog pipes. Blocked pipes can lower water pressure, but you can usually fix them by thoroughly cleaning them. Heating elements can be inspected by our licensed plumbers who are experienced in heater repair. Contact Lifetime’z Heating & Air for the best heater repair in Carrollton, TX.

  • Discoloration of Water 

The sight of rusty-colored water coming from your faucets is off-putting. Corrosion is the reason for this. As water passes through the pipes, sediments and salts can cause chemical reactions that lead to corrosion. 

A technician may replace the water if the corrosion affects the entire plumbing system. You should, however, have it tested because such water contains many harmful chemicals and can cause irritation to your eyes and skin. Contact a reputable HVAC contractor from Lifetime’z Heating & Air today!

  • Noisy Water Heater

Your water heater should be silent, so if you hear noises from it, it could indicate that it needs to be repaired or replaced shortly.

When Repairing Isn’t Enough, What Should be Done?

In some cases, repairing your water heater may not be enough. If repairs do not solve the problem, replace the old unit before it breaks down. Modern water heaters offer several advantages, including increased efficiency and performance.

Lifetime’z Heating & Air is a reliable HVAC business for all your needs, providing water heater repair in Carrollton, TX. For experienced service, visit our website. Contact us today to hire our best technicians.

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