Understanding Prevalent Problems with Water Heaters

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A water heater is an inevitable requirement in the cold weather season. As long as this mechanical machine disburses hot water, most of us do not take any pain to get it inspected. We only call a service professional for water heater repair Carrollton TX, when we notice issues in its operation.

Water Heater Problems:

Regular maintenance helps you ensure that the device is in the best working order and will continue to function smoothly in the coming years. In this article, we will tell you the commonest issues in the water heater that need attention.

Leakage Of Water From The Top

You may notice that tiny drops of water are dropping from the heater.  This indicates a leakage close to the top of the electric water heater. The reason for it is due to the loose hot outlet pipes or cold inlet pipes. It could also be due to the failure of the T&P valve. It is very easy to fix these issues.

Leakage Of Water From The Bottom

An electric water heater may have been leaking from the bottom. This can be due to normal condensation, a tiny amount of water getting expelled via the overflow pipe, and leakage in the electric heating element gasket. It is advised to get authorized water heater services Carrollton TX, to find the right problem.

Poor Heating Ability

If you find that your water heater does not produce an adequate amount of hot water, it could be due to some problems. Try increasing the temperature of the thermostat of the after tank. You should be careful when doing it. Do not increase the temperature too high as it can lead to a scalding hazard.

No Hot Water

Has your water heater stopped producing hot water, then it can cause a lot of discomfort? If your heater runs on gas. Then the possible cause for this problem could be a blown-out pilot light. This can happen due to a damaged thermocouple or a pilot control valve.

A few more causes include a faulty thermocouple or a damaged heating element in an electricity-driven water heater. Replacing these components with a new one can easily help solve the issue.

Noises From the Water Tank

This is another problem that you may experience with your water heater. If you find that the tank is making a noise, it could be due to sediment accumulation at its bottom. The noise is the result of the burning of the sediment by the heating element. All it takes is to drain the water tank. Perform this procedure once a year as a part of your yearly maintenance.

Bad Smell

Some users do report that the water dispensed by the water heater has a foul odor. This indicates that the water is infected with bacteria. It is very important to deal with this condition quickly to prevent diseases.

Flush the tank. Fill it with a disinfection solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Let the water sit in the water tank for about two hours. Flush it with clear water. Taking the assistance of a plumbing contractor will help solve the issue.

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