Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Running Normally?

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The air conditioner running normally provides you with good sleep and enhances comfort and convenience. Creating a more comfortable working environment. But have you ever informed that your air conditioner is not running properly and cannot blow cold air? Several reasons might prevent the flow of cold air into your room. 

Some are simple and can be dealt with easily, while others require professional help. 

Lifetime’s Heating & Air Conditioning specialists provide AC Service in Carrollton, TX,. They can troubleshoot air conditioning problems and keep it running smoothly again. Use this air conditioning (AC) troubleshooting list to identify common air conditioning problems to find solutions 

Let’s find out the few common reasons why your air conditioner isn’t working properly. 

  • Dirty filter 

One of the most common problems is dirt and clogging of the air filter. These filters work all year round and catch hair, lint, dust, and pollen. If you don’t replace it regularly, it won’t take long to fill up. When this happens. The air will not be able to flow into the house, and the air conditioner may not be able to work properly due to insufficient air. 

  • Low refrigerant level 

Refrigerant is an important liquid that absorbs heat from the surrounding air. The lack of it may prevent the air conditioner from cooling. If the air conditioner is not working, the refrigerant may be leaking. 

  • Dirty cooling coils  

Your air conditioner has a series of indoor coils that absorb heat from the air in your home and a series of outdoor coils that transfer heat from your home to the outside. If one of those coils has a layer of dirt, it will be much more difficult to transfer heat between the coils and the air blown into them. 

This can significantly limit the system’s ability to draw heat from the house, making the air coming out warmer than it should be.  

  • Compressor problems 

The air conditioner’s compressor plays a role in keeping the refrigerant at the optimum pressure and is one of the very important parts of the unit. Without it, your system will not be able to absorb heat from the room in your home and transfer it to the outside. When it starts to fail, your air conditioner can’t cool your home properly. 


The best way to prevent most of the above issues and keep your unit running efficiently is to schedule an annual AC tune-up. During tuning, we check the system for performance-impacting issues and clean up the entire system. Not only does this help prevent summer cooling problems, but it also keeps the system running efficiently and prolongs its lifespan. Our reliable and well-trained professionals ensure that your air conditioner works effectively.

If you have questions about keeping the air conditioner running normally cool or want to repair or install the cooling system at home, contact LifeTime’z Air Conditioning Contractors today. 

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