7 Tips to Maintain Your Furnace This Winter 

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Do you know that you can avoid many furnace problems through proper and frequent maintenance? The right knowledge and a little more awareness can go a long way in keeping your furnace running while preventing future breakdowns and pricey furnace repair. Today Lifetimez Air has seven furnace maintenance tips to keep your system running great this winter!

7 Furnace Maintenance Tips for Carrollton Homeowners 

  • Tune-Up Your System Professionally

It is by far the simplest and easiest step to ensure your furnace performs to the best of its ability. During a furnace tune-up in Carrollton, our HVAC technicians thoroughly inspect your heating system and address all operational problems along with some maintenance tasks. A furnace tune-up helps you save on unnecessary and pricey furnace repair Carrollton TX while making your system run safely.

  • Cleaning Your Air Filters

You will be surprised to know that you can prevent many furnace breakdowns by changing or cleaning the air filters. Dirty air filters cause efficiency problems to your furnace, and when you avoid checking on them, these problems become severe. Changing the air filters once per month maintains a healthy environment inside your home.

  • Check the Pilot Light

If your furnace is of an old model, you need its flame. The blue flame implies that your furnace is working correctly. However, if you notice any difference in the flame’s color, it means that your furnace is burning inefficiently. In this case, you need to call professionals for furnace services in Carrollton to investigate and fix the problem.

  • Keep the Area Around Your System Clean

You may need a furnace repair at any point in time. And sometimes, you may encounter more significant and unmanageable problems.

Keep the area around your furnace clean so that our service technician can easily access your equipment when you call our HVAC repair Carrollton TX, for maintenance or repairs.

  • Allow the Air Registers to Breathe

You need to check all the air registers. If any air registers are closed or blocked by furniture, it will be hard for your heating system to heat your home evenly and effectively. Also, make sure that all the floor registers are free of obstructions.

  • Clean the Drainage Tube

If you have a gas or propane furnace, the equipment will create some water as a byproduct. The water will drain out into the drip pan. You need to ensure that the drainage tube is clean and clear as any backed-up water can damage the flame sensor. You can call for our furnace repair in Carrollton, TX, to clear the drainage tube.

  • Inspect Your System More Frequently

If you have a mechanical inclination, you can continue checking your furnace’s components, such as the burner flame, thermostat wires, and electrical insulations.

Though most of the maintenance items can be handled by yourself, it’s always a good idea to have one of our trained HVAC technicians come and inspect your entire system. It keeps your systems manufacturer’s warranty intact.

We also provide services for water heater repair Carrollton TX. All our services are reasonably priced and inexpensive, including furnace repair, maintenance, and furnace replacement. Call us at 972-784-8326 to get more details.

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