When Do I Need A Heater Repair?

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Like any other home appliance, gas or electric water heater may face certain challenges in its life span. And you need to take care of the device to make it run until it’s installed in your home. Water heater repair Carrollton TX, is a common requirement for homeowners. And you need to inspect your water heater from time to time and make any kind of repair it needs to bring it back to its complete functionality.

Note: Make sure to turn off the power or gas supply to your electric heater by switching off the circuit breaker before performing any furnace services Carrollton by yourself. If you are not a professional or someone authorized to do so, call a professional for the job.

Common Problems the Professionals Handle During A Heater Repair 

  • The Water Heater Is Not Heating Water 

There is nothing more shiver-inducing than a cold shower. And you definitely have installed a water heater to have an enjoyable and comforting shower when needed. But if you are not getting an agreeable temperature, you can blame your water heater for the problem. You can check the key things such as the pilot, the thermocouple, and the valve that controls the gas if you have a gas water heater.

If you have an electric water heater installed at your home, you need to check the thermostat and other heating elements. If all the components are working properly, you will necessarily receive an uninterrupted hot water supply. But if any of the above-mentioned components are faulty or nonfunctional, you can call for heater repair in Carrollton, TX, and address the problem(s).

  • Smelly or Rusty Water Supply

What does it feel like when you turn on the faucet and discover rusty water, which is also smelling like nasty rotten eggs? Well, the problem is quite worrisome. And this can happen due to bacteria buildup or pipe corrosion. You need to call for a professional water heater repair in Carrollton, TX, as there could be some level of replacements and installation works needed in such a case.

  • Strange Noises Coming Out from Your Water Heater 

If you can sense mysterious noises coming from your basement, it’s probably because of your water heater. Rumbling or popping sounds come during the process of boiling water. But if the sound is exceeding the normal one you get to hear every day, it can be due to an excessive buildup of sediment in the bottom of the tank, which is also causing the overheating of the tank. You need to stop the water from getting boiled and have to remove the sediments by flushing the water heater.

If there is a leak in the tank there’s permitting water to drop down onto the burner, you can experience a hissing sound. In both cases, you need to schedule HVAC repair in Carrollton, TX, by a professional for your home.

To better deal with the problems with your water heater and to call a heater repair in Carrollton, TX, before the problems turn bigger, you need to understand the working mechanism of the heater. Discuss with a professional to know more about your water heater. Lifetimez Air also provides services of furnace repair Carrollton TX. For emergency water heater repair, Lifetimez Air is just a call away.


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