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Air Conditioning in Carrollton, TX and Surrounding Areas

Lifetime’z Heating and Air is the Carrollton area’s premier retailer of Amana air conditioning products. If your current AC unit is outdated, or just isn’t performing like it used to, don’t worry. Lifetime’z can still help you beat the sweltering summer heat with top-tier AC replacement Carrollton, TX. Why not take this opportunity to upgrade your air conditioning system, saving on your energy bill and maintenance costs in the meantime? While there are several other types of HVAC units out there, here are the top four advantages of converting to a ductless system today.

AC Replacement drastically cuts your energy bills

Ductless air conditioners are designed to economize the cool airflow on a room-by-room basis. Ductless AC provides more cooling power per square foot with less energy consumption than the traditional split AC systems of yesteryear. A new air conditioning installation Carrollton, TX can save you lots of money on your recurring monthly costs going forward.

Ductless air works with your existing floor plan

Ductless air conditioning doesn’t require the costly ductwork inside your home’s walls that’s to transport cold air throughout the house. Ductless blower units can be installed where you need them, easily integrating into your existing floor plan without costly construction or expensive maintenance.

AC Replacement provides customizable temperature options for each room

Ductless AC systems are a crowd-pleaser. Whereas split systems use a single thermostat to control the temperature for the entire house at once, ductless AC gives you the ability to set temperatures on a room-by-room basis, making sure that everybody is happy and cool.

Going Ductless air is quieter

Because a ductless, or mini-split system, features most of its vital components outside of your house, the overall operation runs much quieter than a traditional split system. Quiet means comfortable. With ductless, you won’t even know that the air is on.

Selecting an AC replacement unit

Lifetime’z Air and Heating specialize in Amana products. We’d love to help you select and set up your air conditioning Carrollton, TX. Contact us today to get started with your AC replacement.

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