An Ultimate Guide to Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency

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As summer approaches, your air conditioner becomes the most valuable product in your home. Everyone needs cool air in Texas for the hot and humid summers, but this relief does not come at a reasonable price. Making use of an energy-efficient air conditioner is one of the most effective ways to control cooling costs. If you have a close eye on Carrollton heating and air electricity prices as the temperature and humidity rise, it may be time to consider an efficiency upgrade of your cooling system.

The energy efficiency of AC power is essential for keeping the room cool throughout the summer. No need to spend too much on AC replacement Carrollton TX, or high energy bills.

Tips For Air Conditioner Energy Efficiency:

Here is how you can control the energy efficiency of your cooling system –

  • Choosing the Right Size AC for Your Space

Size is important when considering an air conditioning installation. An AC unit that is too large will cool the air but will make it moist and sticky. An AC unit that is too small will have to work overtime to maintain the set temperature, which will increase your electricity bill. The size of the AC is probably the most significant consideration.

  • Look for High EER and SEER Ratings

EER stands for energy efficiency rating, and SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This ratio determines how much energy the air conditioning system needs to produce cold air. Generally speaking, higher levels mean higher efficiency.

The higher the SEER rating, the less energy consumed by the AC, and the less you will pay each month on your energy bill. Contact an AC contractor Carrollton TX for more information.

  • Programmable Temperature Settings

Nowadays, even basic window fixtures have digital displays. So, you can set accurate & precise temperature settings and even schedule the air conditioner to turn off when you leave and turn it on again when you get home. Central Air systems are generally more flexible.

  • Energy-Saving Settings

Another feature that the best air conditioners need to pay attention to is energy-saving settings. Once your room cools down, the unit will turn off both the compressor and fan, thus saving energy.

  • ENERGY STAR Certification

When choosing or performing the best air conditioning installation, look for the blue ENERGY STAR certification for your home. This certification means that this particular AC unit meets or exceeds higher performance standards than other similar models.

  • WiFi-Enabled Air Conditioner

If you are experimenting with making your home a smart home – You can configure a WiFi-Enabled thermostat with your smartphone. So, consider buying a smart air conditioner. You can find exclusive versions of the set of AC units like a window, split unit, portable, ductless mini air conditioners, etc. As these air conditioners are highly adjustable, the possibility of energy saving is incredible, allowing you to adjust your consumption.

Whether you need air conditioning Carrollton TX, or want to improve energy efficiency with a new AC unit, contact the team at Lifetimez Air today!

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