Guide to Choosing an Energy Efficient Air conditioner

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Summer is here, and many of us want to turn on the air conditioner to feel cool air, but did you know that this will cost you more and not necessarily get the performance you expect? The energy efficiency of an AC is essential for keeping cool air throughout the summer. No need to spend too much on energy bills. It is how you could control your AC unit performance.

When buying a new energy-efficient unit of air conditioning Carrollton TX, you should remember some vital things to keep your energy bills and the temperature low in your home.

Some Features To Consider When Deciding On An Air Conditioner

  • Size

The size of the air conditioner that fits your space size is essential when selecting an AC unit. A too-large unit will cool the air, but it will make it moist and sticky. An AC unit working for hours to maintain the set temperature will increase your electricity bill. So, the size of the air conditioner is probably the most vital consideration.

  • Programmable Temperature Settings

Nowadays, even basic window fixtures have digital displays, so you can set an accurate temperature and even set the AC to turn off when you leave and turn on again when you get home. 

  • Energy-Saving Settings

Another feature that the best air conditioners need to consider is energy-saving settings, which means that once your room is cooled, the device will not only turn off the compressor but also turn off the fan to save energy.

  • High EER and SEER Ratings

These ratings are the measure of a selected unit’s energy efficiency measured in BTUs. The SEER ratio determines how much energy the AC system needs to produce cold air. The higher the SEER and EER level, the less energy is used, and the less electricity you pay each month. One can find SEER and EER ratings for both central and room air conditioners.

  • Replace the Filters

Regular AC maintenance is essential to keep the air-conditioning system running smoothly and reduce energy costs. Filters can collect dust and other particles that will not enter your indoor air. Change your AC filters every 30 to 90 days, relying on how regularly you have got your AC on. It does not harm to drag out the filter occasionally to screen how much debris has been collected. You can also hire a professional AC service Carrollton TX to do this for you.

  • WiFi-Connected Air Conditioners

If you have devices such as Alexa or Google Assistant, you can connect to a thermostat via WiFi set by your smartphone. Consider installing a smart air conditioner. You can find the latest models of all types of air conditioners like window air conditioners, split air conditioners, portable air conditioners, mini ductless air conditioners, etc. These units are highly adaptable, and the energy-saving possibilities are incredible.

  • ENERGY STAR Certification

When choosing the best AC for your home, look for an Energy Star certification. This certification means that this particular machine meets or exceeds higher performance standards than other similar models.

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