Busting 5 Furnace Maintenance Myths

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Furnaces are essential home heating equipment that provides warmth and comfort for you and your family. There are different types of furnaces to cater to different needs and purposes. It not only provides warmth but also saves on overall utility bill costs by 44 percent. However, most homeowners are unaware that a lack of regular maintenance prevents them from running efficiently. 

There are several misconceptions or myths surrounding furnace maintenance. If your furnace gives you a hard time and concerns, you have come to the right place. Nothing is better than enjoying the warmth in your home during harsh winters. Here are five myths about furnace repair in Carrolton, TX.

Most Common Furnace Maintenance Myths: 

  • Furnace Maintenance is not Regular

Furnace maintenance once a year keeps the system in top condition. Furnaces become dangerous for extreme malfunction or negligence in maintenance. Sometimes, even minor repairs or changes can become an emergency without proper management. 

A yearly inspection allows professionals to keep your home safe and avoid expensive repair bills. HVAC professionals thoroughly clean the heating equipment to ensure that it functions properly. They also inspect the components that need to be adjusted or repaired. Regular maintenance also improves energy efficiency, strengthens the system, and satisfies the warranty terms.

  • Furnaces can Last Forever

This leads us to the next myth that furnace installation lasts forever. While it is true that furnaces can last a long time, they need repair or replacement. Be sure to call for repair service before the furnace breaks down. Regular maintenance will help you run the system efficiently with realistic durability expectations. Our professional technicians will clean and inspect the furnace for smooth operation during maintenance services.

  • Replacing Air Filters Once a Year

If you change the system filter once a year, you will face serious problems. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to replace the filters. Our technicians can check the filter every month because it needs replacement sooner than expected.

Not all filters are equal and require repair or replacement from one month to a year. Changing air filters are practical if your family members are allergic to dust or you have indoor pets.

  • Furnace Repair is Expensive

Many people believe that HVAC repair in Carrollton, TX, is expensive. It is only valid for some furnaces because the repair bill depends on the complexity of the problem. It is often cheaper to repair furnaces than replacements because technicians complete repairs faster than installing new components.

  • You can Perform Furnace Repair Alone

Here we come to the last and final myth for furnace maintenance. If you need furnace repair services, always believe in doing the service with technicians. You can end up damaging the heating equipment beyond repair or replacement when you try to repair it alone. It can also lead to injuries or severe accidents inside the home. Therefore, repairing the unit alone is not worth the risk. Our HVAC technicians are experts with experience on how to get your furnace running safely.


We hope that this content helps you better understand the myths surrounding furnace maintenance. While furnaces are expensive investments to install at home, they save money on high-efficiency models. This means your heating equipment will last longer than expected with proper maintenance and professional care. 

If you are looking for furnace maintenance or water heater repair in Carrollton, TX, contact Lifetimez Air experts. We will inspect your furnace problems, regardless of their type, before it becomes hazardous. Our certified team members work with quality, time, and precision to prevent major breakdowns. Choose our services to obtain care and commitment regarding furnace repair or replacement. 

Call us today to ensure your furnace remains safe and lasts longer. 

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