Fall and Winter Furnace Maintenance Tips and Tricks

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Winter is just around the corner, which means furnaces are your primary heating essential. To ensure that your furnace operates smoothly throughout the winter, follow some maintenance tips by HVAC repair Carrollton TX, to prepare your heating equipment. As you start thinking about turning on your furnace for the first time this season, it’s essential to take a few steps to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. 

Furnace Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter

Experts advise that you should maintain or service your furnace once a year. Some people delay maintenance until it becomes too late. The duct clogs and damages the indoor air quality, and you cannot turn on the furnace on harsh winter nights due to lack of maintenance. Here are some tips to save you from unplanned emergency repairs:

  • Start Your Maintenance Early

Imagine the coldest night of the winter and your furnace is not working because of the lack of maintenance. You can prevent this proactively by calling our certified technicians every year for annual maintenance before you require repairs.

  • Implant Visual Inspection

Inspect your furnace before beginning inspection schedules. Look to see whether the venting pipe remains secure and at an angle. Other tubes, including drainage tubes, serve the furnace system, which requires secure fastening. 

It is a good time to smell the gas line and see the flexibility. If there is an aroma of rotten eggs, then the furnace might have a gas leak. Call for an inspection by our expert technicians to obtain a detailed report on furnace repair Carrollton TX.

  • Clean The Drainage Tube

Natural gas and propane furnaces emit tiny droplets of water or exhaust steam as they begin heating. The rest of the water drains through the drip pan from power exhaustion. However, when the drainage tubes clog, the furnace system will be shut down by a flame sensor as the water fills the manifold. 

Our HVAC experts will clear the drainage tubes after detaching them from the manifold. All the debris and particles go out by blowing compressed air through the line. You can clean the drainage pipe by pouring a cup of vinegar to avoid debris buildup.

  • Clean The Flame Sensor

The dirty flame sensor in the furnace will stop the heating equipment from working. Our skilled technicians can clean the part at least once a year to make the furnace run smoothly. 

  • Furnace Filter Maintenance

Changing the air filter is one of the essential things to increase the durability and performance of the furnace. Dirty filters prevent airflow, which gives additional strain to the fan motor. The system overheats if the equipment fails and leads to high-energy consumption. 

Cleaning the furnaces improves indoor air quality to prevent allergens, asthma, and other illnesses. The furnace filters need replacement every three months to prevent clogging ductwork. If you have an indoor pet or smokers in the house, ensure you change the filters regularly.

Bottom Line

The best way to keep the furnace efficient is to schedule an inspection before significant breakdowns occur. Yearly fall maintenance saves repairing costs, time, and frustrations with a comprehensive furnace check-up. It ensures that the furnace is operating following the manufacturer’s instructions. Annual maintenance charges often include warranty coverage. Ensure you schedule an inspection with our expert technicians before winter.

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