How To Know If Your Furnace Flame Sensor Is Bad?

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The year-end cold shivers have started, and the temperature swings are taking a cold turn, making it necessary to maintain a comfortably-heated temperature while you are indoors. Gas furnaces and similar gas-fired heating systems come to your rescue during such needs, and it is thereby necessary to ensure that your furnace and gas-fired heating systems are working properly.

Your furnace and gas-fired heating systems come with flame sensors responsible for ensuring that the gas valve is open only in the presence of a flame. It comes as a safety feature that prevents the build-up of hazardous gases unnecessarily, as your furnace can continue to emit gas even without any flame in the absence of a flame sensor. 

Such flame sensors are a default addition in modern furnaces and heating systems. Malfunctioning such flame sensors is an issue faced by several consumers, and treating and fixing it doesn’t necessarily require expert HVAC assistance unless the issue persists.

Furnace flame sensors are prone to wear and tear, yet in most cases, the issue lies with dirty sensors that cause irregularities with their operations. The flame sensors have a low-tolerance ability and can read even the slightest carbon build-up. In most households, the furnaces are installed mostly in the basements and areas prone to dust and dirt. 

Such regions can cause a carbon build-up on your furnace, leading to dirty sensors. So, how to know if your furnace flame sensor needs servicing?

Here are some basic yet important points to keep in mind to know if your Furnace Flame Sensor is faulty.

Insulation on the sensor appears burnt or corroded?

It is always advisable to turn off your furnace and close the gas valve before removing the flame sensor for any inspection. If the insulation on the flame sensor appears to be burnt or corroded, it may need some simple cleaning to remove the dirt and corrosion.

Cracked insulation on the sensor?

Broken and cracked parts of the insulation on your flame sensor need fixing and repairing to ensure that the cracked parts are repaired at the earliest.

  • Handling the flame sensor without any prior knowledge can cause preventable damage to the entire furnace unit, leading to lowered heating efficiency of the furnace. It is always advisable to seek expert furnace services in Carrollton to troubleshoot such necessary service needs as it eliminates the possibility of any hazard caused by unprofessional handling.
  • Cleaning and servicing faulty flame sensors may seem like an easy task, yet it is recommended to seek expert services to ensure that any additional issues are handled along with the flame sensor and any possible preventable issues are handled cautiously.

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