Furnace Leakage: What Are The Possible Causes?

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Having a functioning HVAC system is vital for ensuring home comfort in extreme temperatures. You and your home will be more comfortable if these items are in good working order.

In contrast, if your HVAC system malfunctions, it can take a long time to get fixed, and it can be expensive. Our furnace services Carrollton TX take care of all this for you.

Water leaks from furnaces are a common problem. Even though this may seem strange, a furnace that leaks water is a feasible problem. When you check your furnace and find pools of water around it, you may need to have an HVAC professional look at it right away.

What Could Be the Cause of My Furnace Leak?

You may encounter leaks in your furnace for several reasons, depending on whether you have a high-efficiency furnace (an AFUE rating of 90 or higher) or a conventional furnace.

High-Efficiency: The Condensate Lines are Clogged or Leaking

The heat exchange process in high-efficiency furnaces produces condensation. Normally, your condensate drains safely out of your furnace through the condensate pipe and drain trap. However, if your condensate line is clogged or leaks, you will soon see a puddle around your furnace.

High-Efficiency: Your Condensate Pump is Working Poorly

The condensate pump is responsible for moving water through your systems and away from your furnace. Leaks often occur when this pump develops mechanical problems.

Conventional: Condensation is formed in the metal vent pipe

For furnaces with AFUE ratings below 90, a metal exhaust pipe is used (vs. white PVC vent pipes usually used by high-efficiency furnaces). It carries away hot gases from the combustion process, releasing them into the air outside while they’re still hot.

If the venting pipe for your furnace is not correctly sized, gasses can get trapped by the extra air that’s trapped around it. As they cool, condensation forms in the furnace, which leaks.

For Any Furnace: Humidifier is not working properly

Humidifiers are commonly installed in homes during the winter months to keep them more comfortable. Water continually flows through them, and if they spring a leak or clog, it appears to be the furnace that has a leak.

In order to identify the source of the water, our Carrollton heating and air technicians will thoroughly inspect this component. You can also have it checked when you come in for an annual furnace tune-up.

For Any Furnace: An AC unit might be to blame for any furnace

When you are in this season of grey days, when you switch from cold to hot, it is unlikely to be your furnace leaking water.

As air conditioners absorb a great deal of moisture from the air inside your house, they have condensate lines and drains. When there is a clog or leak, it could appear as if the source is your furnace.

We Can Repair And Maintain Your Furnace At Lifetimez air

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