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HVAC systems are necessary all year; they keep us warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It can be put under a lot of strain over time if used frequently. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to undertake routine HVAC maintenance and discover a problem before it becomes severe.

Some HVAC Maintenance Tips

It’s critical to follow the fundamental guidelines for avoiding costly HVAC repairs. The sooner you recognize a problem; the lower your HVAC maintenance expenditures will be.

1. Examine The Filter

Do you have several pets or live in a polluted, dusty, or polluted environment? It’s critical to change your filter regularly since it protects your HVAC system from dust and debris. An HVAC system’s filter catches airborne pollutants, preventing them from circulating throughout your home.

If the AC filter becomes too dirty, it might freeze and then thaw, causing water damage. If you have a reusable filter, wipe it down with a soft cloth to clean it.  

If it can’t be reused, go to the store and purchase a new one. You can also take professional help like HVAC repair Carrollton TX. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, a HEPA or hypoallergenic filter is recommended. 

2. Clean Condenser Coils

Outdoor air conditioners and heat pumps can become quite dusty, making the system work harder to provide the cold and warm air that you require in your home. A dirty condenser coil may struggle to transfer heat outside, making your home less efficient at cooling. 

Cleaning condensers and heat pumps reduce the risk of internal component damage. Spray the fins with your garden hose, making sure to get in between the crevices to get all of the muck out.

3. Drain Lines and Air Ducts Should Be Kept Clean

Debris will accumulate inside your home’s ductwork over time. Airflow will be restricted if ductwork is clogged with too much dust and debris. It’s ideal to hire a professional like heater services Carrollton TX, to clean your air ducts. 

An air conditioner chills the air while also removing moisture. This moisture collects in the air conditioner’s drain lines before being discharged to the outside. As dirt and dust gather, drain lines can get clogged, and they can even become a breeding ground for algae and mildew.

It is thus a good idea to clean the drain pipe regularly. You can also rinse it with a solution of water and vinegar to get rid of any mold that has grown.

4. Professional Check-Ups On a Regular or Annual Basis

An on-site visit from an HVAC expert like Carrollton heating and air will ensure operating at peak efficiency. The inspection may include the following:

  • Ensure that the fan is in good operating order
  • Coil and drain line cleaning
  • Examining and replacing the air filter
  • Checking refrigerant level 
  • Inspection of heat exchanger

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