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The purpose of your HVAC unit is to keep you warm, not to keep you awake at night. When it’s working correctly, your furnace should only make a mild blowing noise when it’s on and a couple of clicks when it first turns on or off. There’s something wrong if it’s playing you an entire concert!

Some Reasons Why Your Furnace Is So Noisy

Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent reasons for noisy furnaces:

  • Whistling

Any openings in your ducting might produce a whistling sound. Ducts that are too tiny for the amount of air passing through them can also produce this sound.

A whistling sound can be produced when airflow is restricted by clogged filters. Try shutting off your furnace and removing the furnace filter. It should be cleaned or replaced if it is clogged with dirt and dust.

  • Banging

When there are pressure differences between the return and supply ducts, ductwork can bend. This is known as ‘oil-canning .’ It occurs when the ducts have a weak place that needs to be reinforced. 

It’s important to remember that ducts, especially older ones, are sound conduits, so the occasional pop or ping is to be expected. If the pounding persists, it could be an indication that your ducts are clogged with oil. You’ll need to hire an expert like furnace services Carrollton to fix this.

When the furnace, especially the burners, is unclean, a delayed ignition occurs. Instead of lighting instantly, gas builds up, resulting in a loud blast when it eventually does. 

  • Rattling

The solution is as simple as tightening any loose screws. They can be rather noisy if they aren’t tight. So, turn off your furnace and tighten the screws on the sides of your furnace using a screwdriver. If you’re unsure, you can ask water heater repair Carrollton TX, to come out and perform a maintenance check for you. 

Heat builds up in the heat exchanger due to insufficient ventilation, resulting in a broken heat exchanger. This is a significant problem since cracks can lead to carbon monoxide leakage, which will cause your alarm to go off.

  • Screeching/Scraping 

The blower wheel can become loose at times and collide with the blower’s casing. Turn off your furnace and schedule a repair appointment with Carrollton heating and air immediately. Using your furnace while the blower wheel is loose could result in catastrophic damage to both the wheel and the fan, requiring a more expensive repair.

The blower in your furnace is responsible for pushing warm air through your ductwork and into your home. It requires adequate lubrication to function correctly; otherwise, it will cause difficulties for the rest of your furnace. So, if your furnace starts screeching like one of the wicked flying monkeys, we recommend turning it off right away and calling heater Services.

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