Ten Common Air Conditioning Issues to Be Aware Of

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In the majority of American households, air conditioning is utilized often. The utilization of air conditioning systems increases dramatically throughout the summer. However, some homeowners experience problems when they turn on their air conditioner. After such a long time of inactivity, several common air conditioning issues may occur. Thus, thoroughly inspect your units before turning them back on.

Find out the most typical AC issues this year so you can be prepared and know what to notify your Air Conditioning Carrollton, TX contractor and HVAC home insurance provider.

Fan-Related Problems: 

To cool the evaporator, fans circulate indoor air over it. To remove heat outside, another fan circulates air via the exterior condenser. Fans are an essential component of the AC since they allow air to circulate through the system. Reduced airflow, decreased efficiency, and even compressor failure can be brought on by a defective motor, deteriorating lubrication, wear and tear damage, and filth.

Evaporator coils:

They will pump cool air into the home from the inside, whilst condenser coils work with the compressor outside. Rings need to be replaced. Both can get grimy or rusted. Every so often, use a hose to clean the exterior coils.

Compressor malfunction: 

A compressor forces the refrigerant through the system to chill the air. Continuous usage of this compressor could cause it to wear down, and using too much or too little refrigerant could harm it.

Blowing hot air: 

This is a related but distinct problem. You most likely have a refrigerant problem if your registers are blowing air, but it isn’t cool air. Have a qualified professional inspect your system for leaks and recommend repair and recharge.

Air conditioner won’t turn on: 

A tripped circuit breaker, a broken thermostat, or loose wiring could all blame a system that won’t operate. Repairing the wiring on your own is not recommended since you risk inflicting more harm than good. Call a professional; their specialized tools can quickly and accurately identify the issue.

Breakers and fuses: 

They will prevent the AC from overheating, as do capacitors. A contractor from your air conditioner insurance provider will inspect the breaker as soon as the motor to an AC dies. Motors are powered by electricity and are turned on by capacitors.

Broken thermostat: 

In some instances, the control panel is the issue rather than the air conditioner. In addition, Unpredictable AC operation is the result of a miscalibrated thermostat. If required, adjust the thermostat’s settings or get it fixed.

Water leak: 

If you notice water dripping from the inside unit of your air conditioner, maintenance is necessary! Water leaks from an air conditioning may occur because the system’s condensates drain becomes clogged by algae or fungi. In addition, then causes the water to back up the pipe and into your home.

A dirty air conditioner filter: 

This can significantly affect how clean and free of contaminants the airflow is. The airflow is restricted by a clogging air filter, reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioning system.

Mold development: 

This is the cause of a strong odor coming from your air conditioner. Some electrical components are burning inside the system, as indicated by a fire-like smell. Methyl Mercaptan leakage, which might be hazardous, is characterized by a gas smell.


Various circumstances can cause a damaged AC unit, and repairs can be expensive. Have the pros handle routine common air conditioning issues. AC maintenance and repairs when common air conditioner issues arise rather than fighting with complicated AC components yourself. 

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