Can I Let My Furnace Run Without Breaks?

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The basic purpose of a furnace is to warm up the place where it functions. Many people tend to keep their furnaces running whether it is needed or not, while others shut down their furnaces when the house is comfortably warm.

Both the options are correct, but both of them have certain benefits and drawbacks. Here, we shall discuss the benefits and drawbacks of letting your furnace run without breaks in the winter season. If you incur any problem with your furnace during winters, contact an HVAC company in Carrollton heating and air services.

Benefits Of A Non-Stop Working Furnace

Air Circulation

The first benefit of a non-stop running furnace is the circulation of air in your home. If your home has many floors or a large home, proper circulation for warm or cool air is a must. Without air circulation, the house may develop hot or cold pockets in different rooms.

Even Temperature

Even if your home is small or has only one floor, a continuously running furnace will benefit you. The furnace will ensure that there is no significant difference in the temperatures of different rooms or areas. A continuously running fan will maintain a constant temperature at your place.

Air Quality

If your family and you are suffering from breathing problems or have seasonal allergies, a continuously working furnace will prevent these problems. The air filters will work continuously to filter out any allergens or bacteria present in the indoor air, and constant air circulation will ensure that the bacteria leave the place.

Drawbacks Of A Non-Stop Working Furnace

Electricity Bills

The first drawback is when we think of a working furnace is the high electricity bills. It is obvious that when you let your furnace work all the time, it will consume electricity, and the bills will increase. However, if your furnace is the latest model or has a high AFUE level, your electricity bill may not face much rise in it. Also, a high-efficiency furnace will ensure that you do not need to run it for long hours as it will maintain the temperature in the house quicker than the other models.

Maintenance and Servicing

When you use your furnace constantly, the sensitive components in it may face damage quicker than expected. You may have to contact a company for furnace repair Carrollton TX, twice a year instead of annually. You will have to take its extra care as you use it more than the expected average hours.

However, that doesn’t mean your furnace will break down sooner than the others. If the professional installer installed your furnace properly and you maintain it regularly, it will not break down and continue working for years.

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