When to Replace Your HVAC Unit Instead of Repairing It?

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There is nothing exciting other than buying a new appliance for your home. But when buying a new HVAC becomes an emergency and mandatory investment, you may lose the excitement to some extent. The reason is simple, the HVAC device is the most expensive home appliance installed inside your home. And every homeowner prefers making such investment only once every 10 to 15 years. If you are confused about whether to replace your system or not, we recommend scheduling an appointment with professional heater services Carrollton TX, and get an inspection done.

How Can A Professional Contractor Help You?

Sometimes the homeowners misunderstand the difference between a malfunctioning and a broken HVAC unit by looking at it. And it takes professional disassembling of the unit and total inspection.

Professional Heater Services in Carrollton, TX Can Help You By:

  • Checking every component thoroughly and detecting the underlying problems which are causing inefficiency to your system.
  • Performing required air conditioning and HVAC repair Carrollton TX to solve all the problems
  • Making minor or major replacements as professional heater services in Carrollton, TX are authorized to do that.
  • Providing genuine suggestions if you need to replace the existing unit
  • Guiding you to choose a perfect and new HVAC unit for your home

What to Consider While Replacing Your HVAC System Instead of Repairing? 

Eventually, every homeowner deals with a malfunctioning heating and air conditioning unit. To some, the device shows certain symptoms before breaking up completely. And to others, it silently and suddenly stops working. But whatever it may, you hope for a quick fix. Though it is a tricky decision, below are some considerations that can help you take in your “why to replace my HVAC” dilemma:


Along with a comfortable space, your primary consideration revolves around the safety of the people inside your home. If you feel like your HVAC system is presenting a safety hazard, it would be common sense to replace it instead of going for costly and temporary heater services.

Sometimes cracked or broken components of the system lead to fatal health hazards.

Life Span

You need to consider your HVAC unit’s age. The average lifespan of a heating or cooling device is around 15 years on average. In most cases, the licensed air conditioner and heater services in Carrollton, TX, will write the date of installation on the unit. If not, check the serial number and model number to detect the age of your system.

Call professional air conditioning and furnace services in Carrollton, and ask for the manufacturing date of the unit. We are one of the best heating and AC contractors.

Heating Effectiveness 

If your HVAC unit is not running efficiently, it will not heat or cool your home effectively. If you can notice some rooms in your house aren’t heating or cooling to the temperature you set, that is a good sign that you have an inefficient device.

There can be many reasons that will incite you to replace your existing HVAC system including water heaters. Luckily, most of those problems can be fixed with professional water heater repair Carrollton TX. But if your system had exceeded its maximum lifespan, is not heating effectively, and is alarming safety hazards to you and your family, talk to an HVAC expert from Lifetime’z Air and ask for guidance.

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